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Jimena Schlaepfer

Mexico. b.1982

Lives and works in Mexico City

2001-2006  BA in Visual Arts. National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving "La Esmeralda", Mexico City, MX

2004 Animation course at the Multimedia Center of the National Arts Center, Mexico City, MX
2000 Photography course at the Instituto Fotográfico Álvarez Bravo in Oaxaca City, MX

1998-1999. Painting course at the Rufino Tamayo School in Oaxaca City, MX

2022  First inhabitants, at El Sol y la Luna, Oaxaca, MX
2019  The blind body, at USSR Art space, Mexico City, MX
2016  Trilobite Cosmogony, at the Chapel of Domina, Santo Domingo Cultural Center, Oaxaca, MX
2016  Ossis Lux, at the MUPO (museum of the Oaxaca paintors), Oaxaca, MX
2015  Trilobite Cosmogony, at Feral, Mexico City, MX
2014  Human Plants, at the Known Domicile Gallery, Mexico City, MX
2013  The conscious dark project for the Project room of Casa Maauad, Mexico City, MX
2011  Landscapes that only existed here ... UACM University campus of the valley, Mexico City, MX
2009  Landscapes that only existed here ... at Proyectos Monclova Gallery, Mexico City, MX
2008  Fantasías, at Hecaro Gallery, Mexico City, MX
2007  Jelly fish world, at Proyectos Monclova Gallery, Mexico City, MX


2022  Sucesiones, at the MUPO (Museum of the Oaxaca Paintors), Oaxaca, MX
2022  Possible worlds, Ajolote Contemporary Art Gallery, Jalisco, MX
2021  In praise of magic, at Local Project, New York, USA

2021  Versus 5 (Christian Camacho - Jimena Schlaepfer), at Arroniz Gallery, Mexico City, MX
2020  Inverse Center, at NN Gallery, Oaxaca, MX
2019  Colibríes / huitziltin / ts’unu’uno’ob, at Casa Gallina Project in the Geology Museum of UNAM, Mexico City, MX
2019  Artificial Kingdoms, at the Central Gallery of the National Center of Arts CNA, Mexico City, MX
2019  Earth Esculptures, at Los Pinos Cultural Complex, Mexico City, MX
2019  The garden of Galileo, Guadalajara 90210 Gallery, Mexico City, MX
2018  To have the infinity, Expanded Drawing at the Museum The UDLAP Art Chapel, Puebla City., MX
2018. A new old world, Lost Paradises at the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Center, Bogota, CO
2018  Predictions at Nixon Art Space, Mexico City, MX
2017  Urban Delusions, curated by Josefa Ortega at the Gallery Cuarto de Maquinas, Mexico City, MX
2016  Animalia at Poliedro arts Gallery, Colombia, CO
2016  Constructions of the landscape, From the whole to the parties. UPAEP Museum, Puebla City, MX
2015  The adulterated history in the Contemporary Cell (Claustro de Sor Juana University), Mexico City, MX
2014  Horror in the tropics, Chopo University Museum, Mexico City, MX
2014  Everything is connected, Neter Colective show at Green is gold, Denmark
2014  Infinite Alternation at the UPAEP Museum, Puebla City, MX
2013  Sing sweet songs of conviction y la hoguera de las vanidades, White Spider project, Mexico City, MX
2013  Ectograms, animal codes, Myl Gallery, Mexico City, MX
2013  Expo Arte y Animación, collective exhibition. Chopo University Museum, Mexico City, MX
2012  Cien fuegos, Art Space Design Store, Miami, US
2012  Happy together, Distrito 14 Gallery, Mexico City, MX
2012  Landscape disillusionment, Espacio M, Mexico City, MX
2012  Pabellón Ramirez II, at Neter, Mexico City, MX

2011  Pabellón Ramirez I, at Neter, Mexico City, MX
2011  Contemporary Zoology at the Vlady Center, Mexico City, MX
2010  DRAW Collective exhibition at the Mexico City Museum, MX
2009  Artists for the environment, UAM University Gallery, Mexico City, MX
2008  Santuario, La Clínica Arte Contemporáneo Gallery, Mérida, MX
2007  Gloria in Excelsis ,Fierro Collective at La Gloria Gallery Cafe, Mexico City, MX
2007  A day like any other, Aldaba Arte Gallery, Mexico City, MX
2007  Retas at Proyectos Monclova Gallery, Mexico City, MX
2006  Bienal Arte Emergente, Monterrey, MX
2006  ArtFest at the World Trade Center, Mexico City, MX
2006  SIVAM, Mexico City, MX
2006  Sácame el fierro, Fierro Collective at La Refaccionaria Gallery, Mexico City, MX
2005  Second Biennial of Arts of the University of Toluca, Toluca, MX
2004  Bienal Alberto Gironella, MX
2004  Fierro Collective at the Museum of Guillermo Spratlig, Taxco, MX

2022 OMI residency, New York, US

2022 Vermont Studio Center, Vermont, US

2014 Banff Residency, FONCA Artistic Residencies program, Banff, CA
2011 - 2012 FONCA Young Creators Grant in Alternative Media
2006 - 2007 FONCA Young Creators Grant in Alternative Media
2006 Honorable Mention at the Monterrey Emerging Art Biennial, Monterrey, MX

2005 Moving Image Category Prize of the Second National University Visual Art Biennial of Toluca, MX


2020 Fain Fair, Mexico City, MX
2020 Fama Fair, Monterrey, MX
2019 Fain Fair, Mexico City, MX
2010 Entijuanarte, Tijuana, MX
2007 Zona Maco, Proyectos Monclova, Mexico City, MX
2006 ArtBo, Proyectos Monclova, Bogota, CO
2006 Kunstart fair, La Refaccionaria Gallery, Bolzano, IT

Art OMI Collection
Francis J. Greenburger Collection

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